Cul Sliotars - Size 4 Hurling & Camogie Sliotar - CLG Certified

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CLG Certified as per GAA Rules

Made with High Quality Genuine Leather Cowhide. Waxed rims . Polymer core.Balanced bounce and flight according to GAA and Camogie Association rules. Fully GAA Compliant (CLG Certification). This size 4 sliotar is suitable for U/16s up to all Adult Hurling and Camogie levels. Guaranteed: Each ball is hand stitched and we only use a heavy-weight thread Specially designed for championship Hurling & Camogie games. For extra durability it is also dipped in a waterproof coating to ensure it retains its features no matter what the conditions.

This is a High quality sliotar which has been tried and tested in the harshest of conditions and its quality and durability offer our customers real value for money.

Price: 50.00 euro per dozen

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