iHurl - 28"

iHurl - 28"

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Weight: 360grams +/- 3

Made from a unique  carbon fibre and fibreglass composition, this first of a kind synthetic hurley will provide the player with consistency, durability, enhanced striking and faster swing due to the thoughtful engineering which is used to build the iHURL.

The unique Foam spray (developed by the Culsliotars team) on the Bas of the iHURL provides real wood like feeling to help with grip in wet conditions.

Reduction in vibration up to 99.5% as tested in lab conditions this takes the sting out of the iHURL in the "clash" situation making it ideal for children.

Every individual iHURL is unique, as each one is hand painted in final assembly to give it the real wood like appearence, again a first in synthetic hurleys.

The iHurl is non porous so even if left out in wet or indeed cold or warm conditions both its weight and shape remain as if they were brand new!

Its very noticeable how much faster the childs swing will be compared to the ash counterpart.

The "28" is the ideal hurl for  Children due to it's lightweight and consistant performance.

It comes with 2 grips one at the top and 1 at the bottom for extra comfort, and also the unique end cap for that extra comfort and extra grip.

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